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Irina Gushchina / vocal, guitar
Alexander Gushchin / violin, back vocals
Uros Rakovec / guitar, mandolin

arrangements / IRA ROMA

The members of the group present themselves with interesting repertoire of original compositions combined with new arrangements. In past fifteen years IRA ROMA had many concerts and performances in Slovenia and abroad.


The trio is led by the instrumentalist Alexander Gushchin, who has dedicated his life to music and to discovering its most crucial secrets. His musical roots reach to the traditions of Russia, but his highly individual and expressive violin playing has also been influenced by the experience he has accumulated abroad, particularly in Denmark.

He began to perform twenty years ago together with Irina Gushchin. They have both been involved in a number of projects; the Irina and Alexander Gushchin duo has performed under the name IRA ROMA for over eighteen years. As Irina holds a degree in theatre direction from an Academy of Arts, it might not be surprising that her art is under a strong influence of theatre and dance.


Uros Rakovec is a talented guitarist, who gained his first musical experience in rock and folk. He studied the guitar at Berklee College of Music in Boston and graduated from Landeskonservatorium in Klagenfurt (Austria).
Uros Rakovec is known and respected in wide circles at home and abroad. He is a member of several groups; he plays jazz and rock as well as classical music. He composes music for theatre, television and films.
He is a technically brilliant and inventive musician with a fine sense of improvisation.


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