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Violinist and composer Alexander Gushchin presents the album of the band Antorino "Medieval Crossover". His recently written classical pieces for violin and piano are light, tender, affecting and captivating. His music can be classified as neo-classical music (for example, Yann Tiersen, Ludovico Einaudi, Brian Crain, … and of course Rolf Lovland and his duet Secret Garden are known for the same genre).
It all began when he included several well-known pieces in his collection. This was what inspired Alexander to create something similar himself, since he had never previously done anything of the sort, not to mention that using asymmetrical rhythms, such as 10/8, 11/8, 13/8, ... was familiar, enjoyable territory for him. That which cannot be expressed in words is revealed in music... It is an indescribable feeling, that feeling of perfect inner harmony, when the creation of music is as simple and natural as breathing, leaving absolutely no one that hears it indifferent... His first solo album "Call of the depths" was released in 2014.

Music / video



Alexander Gushchin presents his first solo album
Call of the depths ©2014

Music by Alexander Gushchin
Recorded at studio ATTIC, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Sound Engineering: Krešimir Tomec

He´s already working on another album which is going to be released this year!
Music / video ( My YouTube channel )
Alexander Gushchin.
Call of the depths ©2014
Call of the depths
Alexander Gushchin.
Call of the depths ©2014
Alexander Gushchin.
Call of the depths ©2014
Winter story (part 2)
Alexander Gushchin.
Call of the depths ©2014
See below for some highlights of different events
Upper square, Ljubljana, 2019

Live stream 9.07.2019

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In the Old Ljubljana -
Dec. 2014

On the Triple Bridge -
Ljubljana, 2017
Avignon, july 2018
Opening... Samara, ul. Leningradskaja (archive photos)

Samara, 1992

Samara, 1992

Samara, 1992

Video : Railway Nostalgia
© Antorino, 2011

Video : Lullaby
© Diva-Dodola, 2001

The best pieces
of the album.
© Antorino, 2011

My favorite songs
of the album
V. International festival "Talisman" (Slovenia)
Sofya-Agnessa Yakuntsova (vocal, violin) - Alexander Gushchin (guitar) - Klemen Markelj (cajon)
LIVE in Sokolski dom Skofja Loka, 16.4.2016 < video >
"The Golden Cloud" (Gushchin - Yakuntsova, lyrics by M. Y. Lermontov ("The Cliff")

On the stage

"The Golden Cloud"
New song!
"The Golden Cloud" (Gushchin - Yakuntsova, lyrics by M. Y. Lermontov ("The Cliff")
Sofia-Agnessa Yakuntsova (vocal, violin); Alexander Gushchin (guitar)
20.11.2014, Russian center of science and culture, Ljubljana.
The Cliff

By a cliff a golden cloud once lingered;
On his breast it slept, but, riseing early,
Off it gently rushed across the pearly
Blue of sky, a tiny thing and winged.
Still, a trace it left upon the stony
Giant's heart, and plunged in thought and weeping
Slow and tortured tears, he stands there, keeping
Vigil o'er the gloomy waste and lonely.

Practicing in studio...

Sokolski dom, Skofja Loka, 17.5.2014


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